A Natural Return To Earth …

For those that care about our earth and sustainability, we offer options to integrate with nature and decrease the ecological footprint in death, including hand-crafted biodegradable caskets, shrouds, and environmentally-friendly urns

Keepsakes To Treasure

Losing a loved one is never easy. Our hope is that you can find comfort and solace while memorializing the memory of the deceased. We have a lovely selection of decorative urns, keepsake urns, and ash pendant jewelry to help you cherish and treasure the lives of those you have lost. To express your condolences to friends and family who are grieving, we also offer an assortment of sympathy gifts and candles.

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*Please note that not all of our products, such as specialty caskets or shrouds, are available for sale through our website.

Fullfilling An Intrinsic Honor Of Home Funerals

What better way to celebrate life than to help nourish new. Prior to the civil war, the funeral home as we know it did not exist. People cared for their own deceased in the home – washing and preparing the body to be laid out in the parlor room. We were hands on with death and we knew what it looked like. If you are interested in having a home funeral please visit the National Home Funeral Alliance. We can also recommend local home funeral guides and educators.

If you drive a hybrid car, buy organic food, recycle your papers, plastics and glass – why stop there?

That’s the message Dying to Bloom’s founder, Kerry Potter, contributed to this News 12 report commemorating Earth Day 2016. The report also featured one of our favorite places, Greensprings Natural Cemetery in Newfield, New York. Please watch the video.