An Environmentally Friendly Remembrance

We offer urns in a wide range of materials, including handmade paper, sand and gelatin, cornstarch, bamboo, and recycled paper. Many come in a variety of colors and styles, allowing the utmost in personal choice and personalization. If multiple family members or loved ones want to participate in scattering, or create their own small memorials, keepsake-size urns allow these options.


Water Biodegradable Urns

Our water biodegradable urns are specifically designed to float briefly and sink gracefully. They are sustainably produced in a variety of natural materials, including recycled paper, rock salt, gelatin and sand. Although they were designed for water burial, all of these urns can also be used for earth burial.


Earth Biodegradable Urns

Earth burial biodegradable urns are designed to degrade over time, depending on the material chosen and environmental conditions. Generally, the more moisture in the soil, the quicker the urn will biodegrade, although several other factors including burial depth and general health of the soil must also be considered. Many of these urns can also be used for either temporary or long-term storage of cremated remains. Please read the individual product details to help you decide which urn will meet your needs.


 Grow New Life from Ashes with Bios Urns and Let Your Love Grow Organic Mixture


Let Your Love Grow 

Let Your Love Grow allows you to establish new plant life from ashes by neutralizing the harmful chemistry in ashes. This organic mixture allows you to plant a living memorial to a loved one or beloved pet. Through its eco-friendly mixture, you can turn cremated ashes that are otherwise harmful to the earth into a nutrient-rich soil to create a loving, living memorial.


Bios Urn

Bios Urn is a biodegradable urn, designed to transform the ashes of your Loved One into a living, growing tree (tree seeds included). Thanks to its proprietary design, the urn provides proper germination and growth of any tree or plant of your choosing. The perfect cremation urn for ashes.