Unite with Nature and Decrease the Ecological Footprint in Death

All of our caskets are individually certified by the Green Burial Council 

Weaved Caskets

Our Eco-Friendly Weaved Caskets are crafted by skilled weavers as a small cottage industry, not in factories. They are created from sustainable materials such as fast-growing willow, seagrass or bamboo which don’t require heavy machinery for harvesting, giving them a small carbon footprint. Casket linings are made from unbleached natural cotton.

Woven/wicker caskets in willow, seagrass or bamboo are available in varying sizes. Each casket is suitable for viewing and services, followed by burial or cremation. These caskets can be used as part of a traditional or green funeral ritual. Beautifully handcrafted and sturdy, each adult casket is tested to carry up to 350 lbs. A rigid base provides added strength.

Willow Coffins and Mulberry Paper Caskets

In addition to the woven caskets, willow coffins or handmade mulberry paper infant caskets inlaid with flower petals and lined in fleece are available

 Come visit our natural burial boutique in Nyack, New York to see our environmentally friendly casket selection in person.

Funeral Homes Must Accept Coffins from Third-Party Sellers

FTC regulations state that all funeral homes must accept a coffin from a third-party seller without additional charge or penalty to you. Our products can be purchased before you need them.  We can also deliver directly to your funeral home at time of need.