Each Urn is Crafted by Artists from Around the Globe

The artists who create our decorative urns value the sacred purpose of their work and honor the opportunity to provide a meaningful memorial. Hailing from countries throughout the world, the work of these artistsis created with tremendous craftsmanship and care. 

How to Determine the Correct Size Urn

The disposition of a loved one’s ashes is a very personal decision.  If you choose to keep them in a columbarium niche, the correct size and cemetery requirements are important.  You may also choose to keep your loved one’s urn in your home or family members may choose to share the ashes and utilize the smaller keepsake urns or jewelry.

Determining the correct size of the urn is important.  Whether purchasing for a person or a pet the proper size can be determined by the approximate weight of the deceased. You can average it out by assuming 1lb. of body weight will yield about 1 cubic inch of ash. So you can assume that: 1 pound body weight = 1 cubic inch ash.

Ex: 110-pound person will need an urn that holds 110 cubic inches.  

Please feel free to call for clarification.  We are also happy to transfer the remains into the urn for local purchases.