Pet Urns

All of our Decorative Urns and Keepsake Urns are also suitable for pet cremains. In addition, we have a lovely selection of products specifically for our furry friends. We offer hand-carved, artisan-made pet urns signed by the artist, as well as brushed aluminum urns.

 Paw Pods and Burial Kits

Our biodegradable pet burial products are the perfect way to treat your pet with dignity while respecting the earth. Paw pods are sturdy & created out of sustainable bamboo and rice husk. There are
 no artificial colors added, and that is why they resonate a natural ‘golden’ color that can be painted or decorated by the family. Sweet Goodbye, biodegradable felt, handmade burial kits are produced using natural materials and are specially designed to take care of your pet and help you deal with this most difficult time without regret.

Pet Memorial and Sympathy Gifts

Our pet picture frames, along with Maggie’s Light Candles make excellent sympathy or memorial gifts. We also offer paw print ash pendant jewelry, as well as paw print tear bottles from Timeless Traditions.