Let Your Love Grow

Let Your Love Grow


Mix with ashes (person or pet) to help create a remembrance planting.

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Mix with ashes (person or pet) to help create a remembrance planting.

Cremated ash is harmful to plant life. The high pH of cremated ash does not allow for the beneficial nutrients within to become available for plant life. In addition, the excessively high sodium (salt) content of cremated ash can damage the plant. The only solution is Let your Love grow, a specially formulated organic mixture that lowers the pH and dilutes the harmful sodium (salt). Regular soil and potting soil will not naturally lower the pH

How do I know the right amount of ashes to use?

Let Your Love Grow does not require you to use all of your loved one’s cremated ashes. That makes it easier for you if you have to relocate and leave behind your living memorial. You will always have your loved one near with some of their ashes still in an urn.

When adding cremated ashes to the Let Your Love Grow mixture, here’s what we recommend:

  • Double Extra Large Kit – Pre-measured to accommodate all of the ashes from a human cremation. No measuring necessary.
  • Extra Large Kit – 6 scoops of ashes
  • Large Kit – 3 scoops of ashes
  • Medium Kit – 2 scoops of ashes
  • Small Kit – 1 scoop of ashes

The amount of ash produced is pretty closely tied to the weight of the person or animal being cremated.  Here’s a list that can serve as a general guideline:

Weight  —  Cups of Ashes (1 cup = 2 scoops)

200 pounds  —  14 cups of ashes

100 pounds  —   7 cups of ashes

70 pounds     —   5 cups of ashes

40 pounds     —   3 cups of ashes

15 pounds     —   1 cup of ashes


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