NYACK, N.Y. — For Kerry Potter, her new boutique, Dying to Bloom , is personal.

The Suffern resident lost both of her parents in her twenties. At that time, she said she didn’t think twice about having them embalmed and entombed in a cement vault but over the years, as she became educated about the industry, she realized green burials fall more in line with her appreciation for the environment.

“For what seems like an eternity, I’ve been looking for a way to help advocate and support the trend back to nature and simplicity,” she said.

“We’ve learned to make recycling cans, bottles and newspapers part of our everyday life. We should strive to do the same in death.”

And so her new Nyack store, which will open Saturday, Feb. 25, is devoted to green burials. The unique shop will feature hand-crafted biodegradable caskets, shrouds, urns and artistic memorial products for people and pets.

The boutique will also serve as a “Memento Mori,” a reminder that we all die eventually which Potter hopes inspires people to live life to their fullest and pursue their passions, and of course continue to care about the earth — even when leaving it.

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