POMONA, N.Y. — You meet Kerry Potter and in your mind’s eye you see a cheerleader shaking pom poms.

Aside from her wholesome good looks, the director of Business Development at WRCR for the past six years, oozes energy. Potter is in charge of new advertisers and programming. She also has a talk show on Fridays at noon, “Lunchtime Talk with Jeff and Kerry.”

But Potter, who is full of life and energy, is using her station in life, so to speak, to promote an issue that is hard to talk about: death. More specifically, green cemeteries, which, like any back-to-earth movement, is all about stripping away layers of chemicals and fuss and non-biodegradable materials, and returning to a time and tradition when the process was more natural.

“I’ve been educating people on the option of green burials for several years and many people have come to realize it makes sense,” said Potter.

The goal of green burials is to return one’s remains to the earth, as simply as possible, without embalming, and its toxic chemicals, metal caskets and burial vaults that are standard features of modern funerals.

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